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Thinking about how you use your bathroom

Finding the right equipment can make life easier for you. Take a look below at some of the options available to you.

For each item there is a description of how it helps you and a link to where you could purchase one from. Local suppliers can be found here. 

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Do you need help getting in and out of the bath?

Hand rails

A permanent fixture to the structure of a property to offer support to a person if trying to adjust position or steady themself. Most are attached to a wall and require a person to have sufficient arm strength and hand function to be able to hold it. It may require fixing in place therefore it is important to consider the strength of the wall and whether it is an internal or external wall.

Bath boards

May be used on its own to assist a person to use an overbath shower if they are able to sit on it and lift their legs over the side of the bath. May be used with a bath seat.

Bath lifts

Fit inside the bath and can lift a person from near the bottom of the bath up to the height of the bath rim. They will need to be able to lift their legs over the bath rim (whilst seated) if they wish to bathe on their own.

Bath seats

Used with a bath board so a person can get lower down in the bath. They will not be fully in the bath so if they need to clean their lower body for medical reasons this is not suitable. Some bath seats can not be used in plastic baths so the strength of the bath needs to be considered.

Do you need help to get in and out the shower?

Shower boards

Fit in the bath so a person can use their over bath shower. They may be used in combination with other types of equipment. Need to make sure that there is no lip on the bath or curvature of the bath which would prevent the installation and use of a shower board.

Shower seats

Useful if a person is finding it difficult to safely stand whilst in the shower. These can also be used so they can sit at a bathroom sink.

Do you need assistance to stand from your toilet?


Useful for if a person finds it difficult to be able to reach the main toilet.

Continence management

Helps to reduce the effects of incontinence, reduce the risk of incontinence and improve a person's comfort.

Raised toilet seat

Useful if a person is unable to safely get on/off their toilet as the toilet is too low.

Toilet frames

Useful if a person needs to push up to standing from a toilet using both arms. The width of the frame needs to be able fit around the toilet and the person needs to be able fit within it. It can be floor fixed for more stability.


Useful when a person cannot reach the main toilet.

Fracture pans

Useful when a person cannot reach the main toilet.