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Equipment to Help You

If you have problems completing daily living activities safely and independently there are many different types of specially designed equipment to make looking after yourself simpler. Being able to move about your home safely will help you maintain your wellbeing and enable you to stay living independently in your own home.

Small pieces of equipment such as perching stools and raised toilet seats can make daily living tasks much easier to manage.

We have developed this self help tool for you to identify simple equipment that will help you to maintain your independence.

If you’ve decided to buy disability equipment privately, perhaps because you need it quickly, you want greater choice, or you’re spending your own personal care budget, here’s some advice on how and where to shop around for the most suitable product at the cheapest price (opens new window).

You can also contact East Riding of Yorkshire council for free information and advice. If you are still uncertain as to what equipment would make life easier for you, contact Customer Services to request an assessment.

Telephone: (01482) 393939, Email: Customer.services@eastriding.gov.uk

Finding a local supplier of disability aids and equipment

You can buy daily living equipment at specialist local suppliers. They may sell items like this or if not may be able to order it for you from the manufacturers. Buying locally can have some advantages, for example you might not have to pay for delivery and if theres a problem with the equipment when you get it home it can be quicker and easier to resolve it face to face. A list of local suppliers can be found here: Mobility Shops ER.pdf*

Some equipment may need fitting by a professional, equipment shops may include this within the price, alternatively click HERE for a list of approved equipment installers.


*(Inclusion in this list is free and does not indicate a recommendation. East Riding of Yorkshire Council is independent of the suppliers; we are impartial and attempt to list contact details for all Equipment Suppliers/retailers).


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