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Accessing support

We have developed a series of service pathways to outline the process you will go through and the different support/ care options available to you from various organisations.

  • Aids/ Adaptations and Equipment Pathway

    Some equipment can help make life easier. You can use this guide to help you decide what equipment may help you. Also, it outlines what equipment is funded and assessed by the Council, or what equipment you can fund yourself.

    View this pathway
  • Personal Assistant Pathway

    A personal assistant is someone who could assist you to live independently at home. This pathway outlines the different types of assistance they offer, how to recruit/employ a personal assistant and on-going support available.

    View this pathway
  • Personal Budget Pathway

    Personal Budgets are a new way of delivering social care to people in East Riding. They are designed to help you take control of your support and care arrangements. It puts you at the centre of the planning process as you are best placed to understand your own needs.

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  • Leaving Hospital Pathway

    When you are coming to the end of a stay in hospital, you will go through a process to make sure you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

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Adult Social Care - About Us

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is responsible for arranging Community (Social) Care Services for people living in their own home or for those who require residential or nursing home care. East Riding of Yorkshire Council has a duty to assess people in need and this now focuses on how circumstances affect independence. Our aim is to help people live as independently as possible with as little intrusion into their lives as possible.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council's duty team is made up of first line officers who can assist and advise you if you think you need help with your support and care arrangements. The team will help you with the initial steps and try and make things more straightforward for you to understand.

We want you to feel that making contact has resulted in improvement in your circumstances, whether the result of the contact was:

  • To be guided to useful information
  • To a service provided by East Riding of Yorkshire Council or organisations
  • Or to be offered an assessment of your circumstances and situation which will help us better understand how we can help

If you would like further assistance from the council, there are a variety of ways you can make contact; for details visit contact details.