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Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy & Numeracy

Service Provider:
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£60.00 per Day


We adopt flexible and meaningful delivery methods for each individual we support ensuring their needs are met. Effective communication tools are used, including Makaton, and other easy read resources.

We deliver Literacy and Numeracy as standalone life skill sessions and also embed these skills within lessons that are creative, fun and engaging to deliver a person-centred approach. Trainees are able to progress and develop at their own pace, and we ensure they receive a fully-rounded learning experience appropriate to their level or ability.

Welfare Service
All service users have access to our own unique welfare support service. The welfare team assist service users with support needs, giving information and advice on issues such as health, independent living and much more. Each service user is allocated a welfare officer who engages with the service user whilst they are on placement and provides emotional and behavioural advice guidance and support. Welfare staff act as advocates and support clients to have a voice in the wider community via a variety of forums.

All staff have specialist training in safeguarding, equality & diversity and also specialist disability training. Additionally, our training staff have all achieved, or are working towards, a certificate in adult education training.

There are a variety of ways service users can be funded to attend CASE, Social Services, direct payments, personal budgets or private funding. We can discuss with you the options available.

If you are a registered user of this website you can ask us any question, including questions about meeting your specific needs, by clicking on the ‘Request More Information’ tab above.