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Person Centred Planning Training

Person Centred Planning Training

Service Provider:
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£150.00 per Session


Who is this course for?
Professionals working with people who have learning disabilities and/or autism.

About this course:
Speakup has worked with Rotherham Learning Disability Service to create a unique Person Centred Review toolkit which has been adopted across all care homes and supported living schemes within the borough. This course uses the unique person centred planning and review tools developed by Speakup to create personalised and bespoke Person Centred Plans and Reviews with people who have learning disabilities and/or autism.

How is the session delivered?
Through group work - use of DVDs, presentations and practical workshops.

£150 per 3 hour session per person, £350 per 3 hour session for between 3 and 12 people or £700 per full day intensive course for between 3 and 12 people.

Additional Resources:
Person Centred Review (PCR) Toolkit - This toolkit contains all of the information needed to carry out good Person Centred Reviews. It includes a DVD, Headings for PCRs, PCR templates and a step-by-step guide to completing a PCR. Price: £49.99 discounts apply for multiple purchases. DVDs: Its My Life, Its Still My Life, Its Still your Life - This series of DVDs shows people with learning disabilities how good person centred planning can change their life. The series follows Alison Owen who has used person centred planning to make her dreams come true. Price £29.99 per set. “People love the bespoke Person Centred Reviews we are using them in all of our homes across Rotherham” Voyage Care PCP Co-ordinator.

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