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Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training

Service Provider:
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£150.00 per Session


Who is this course for?
People with learning disabilities and/or autism.

This course covers:
• Your right to be safe
• Finding out what Abuse is
• How to keep safe from abuse
• How to stop abuse – to self and others

How is the session delivered?
Through group work - use of DVD’s, photo cards and story boards. The training supports people to understand their rights, to recognise abuse, to keep safe from abuse and to stop it. The training covers bullying. This training can be tailored to the particular needs of group and the environment that they live in, use examples that are specific and relevant.

Number of delegates and length of session?
Small groups of 8. It can be delivered over 2 days or in shorter sessions depending on the needs of the group. We would meet with people who live in services to explain the training and to recruit group members. The needs and the availability of members of the group will determine the length and number of sessions. At the end of the training we will work with groups to develop a resource – film, poster etc that they can use to tell other people about what they know about keeping safe.

£150 per 3 hour session per person, £350 per 3 hour session for between 3 and 12 people or £700 per full day intensive course for between 3 and 12 people.

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