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Speaking on someone's behalf

Page last updated: 28 July 2020

It is important that everyone is supported to be involved in the important decisions around their own lives. At times, due to periods of distress or difficulty in managing complex new information this may not always be easy.

The East Riding of Yorkshire council prides itself on supporting individuals to have a voice and for that voice to be heard. This improves participation in decision making, outcomes for the individual and their wellbeing when they feel recognised as the expert in their own lives.

The person chosen to speak on your behalf does not have to be a professional stranger, it can be someone who is known to you, whom you trust and who is happy to be your voice, and uphold your best interests objectively.

However, if you would rather not choose someone known to you The Care Act 2014, makes provision for an independent advocate to be appointed on your behalf by the local authority and more information can be found in this Factsheet.


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