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General Information about Mental Health

Page last updated: 04 September 2019

The national experience of mental health is that a quarter of the population experience some kind of mental health problem each year.

Many people who live with a mental health problem, or who are starting to experience difficulties are afraid of what other people may think about them. This can cause people to keep their feelings hidden. It is important that you are aware of you mental welling and discuss your feelings with someone you trust.

There can be times when we don’t feel ourselves, we can all experience feeling sad or stressed and at times we can all struggle to cope with day-to-day life. This could be for a number of reasons such as:

  •  following the loss of someone close to us
  •  loneliness and feeling isolated
  •  relationship problems
  •  worrying about money or work

Most of the time these feelings pass quite quickly, but sometimes we can be affected by our feelings for a longer period of time, which can have a greater impact on our mental health.

The majority of people who experience mental health problems can recover or learn to live with them, especially if they ask for help early on.

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