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Bereavement Support

Page last updated: 25 August 2020


 The death of a loved one can be devastating; experts generally accept there are four stages of bereavement:

  • accepting that your loss is real
  • experiencing the pain of grief
  • adjusting to life without the person who has died
  • moving on - putting less emotional energy into grieving and putting it into something new

You may go through all these stages, but you this may not necessarily go from one to the next. Your grief might feel chaotic and may feel out of control, but these feeling will generally start to feel less intense over time

Find out more about Coping with Bereavement on the NHS website (opens in a new window).


Cruse Bereavement care

The Cruse Bereavement care provides free, confidential service of bereavement support. They offer –

  • face to face support
  • website support
  • email support
  • telephone support

Their services are provided by a network of 5,000 trained volunteers and are confidential and free

Visit the Cruse Bereavement website (opens in a new window).

Alternatively you can contact them via - 

  • email: (Opens in a new window)
  • telephone on 01482 565 565
  • In Person -
    Cruse Bereavement Care, Hull and District Branch
    Sight Support, Beech Holme
    Beverley Road, Hull
    HU5 1NF


Bereavement Support payment

Bereavement Support Payment is paid to you as a one off, lump-sum payment followed by up to 18 monthly payments. You may not get the lump-sum payment and you may get fewer than 18 monthly payments depending on when you claim and when you reach State Pension age.

Who can claim?

You could get Bereavement Support Payment if at the time of death:

  • you were under State Pension age
  • you were married to or in a civil partnership with the person who died
  • your husband, wife or civil partner paid enough National Insurance contributions
  • you ordinarily lived in the UK, a country with which we have a reciprocal agreement to pay certain UK benefits, or   a European Union or European Economic Area country.

Access further information on Bereavement support payments (opens in a new window). 

Alternatively you can contact Bereavement Service helpline Monday to (Friday, 8am to 6pm) via -

  • telephone: 08007 310 469
  • textphone: 08007 310 464
  • NGT text relay (if you cannot hear or speak on the phone): 18001 then 0800 7310 469


Friends of the Elderly

If you live in England or Wales, are of state retirement age and are living on a low income, get in touch as their grants could help. They currently have three types of grants available –

  • Home essentials – to cover the cost of replacing everyday items, small home repairs and mobility adaptations.
  • Digital connection – can be used towards the cost of equipment, such as tablets and smartphones, as well as -- broadband costs.
  • Financial support – to help with unexpected bills and large costs, such as utility bills, funeral costs or moving fees.

Who is eligible?

You can apply for a grant if you meet the following criteria –

  • are of state retirement age.
  • live in England or Wales
  • are managing on a low income with savings of less than £4,000.
  • are not living in a residential care home.

Applications need to be made through a referring agent. This can be someone working in local health or social care teams, the Citizens Advice, or other charities and community groups.

Alternatively you can contact them via -

  • telephone: 0330 332 1110.


The Money Advice Service

  • The Money advice service also has information around support to help paying for a funeral.

You can find more information here (opens in a new window).

Alternatively, you can contact them by telephone on 08001 387 777


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